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“Another Round With The Specktator & Chill Will”

another round logo“Another Round” is a weekly podcast co-hosted by writer/blogger/social(media)ite Kerry Speckman (aka The Specktator) and DJ/producer Will Barker (aka Chill Will).

Based in Jacksonville, Fla., “Another Round” features unconventional interviews with local celebs—and anyone else to happens to wander by their table. The podcasts are recorded at European Street Cafe in Riverside, meaning the co-hosts will—and guests, if they so choose—enjoy some adult beverages while recording.

This could either be the best idea in the world … or the worst.

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“Another Round” Ep. 7 Featuring Curtis Dvorak

It’s the longest episode in “Another Round” history but well worth 59 minutes of your life (especially if you are multi-tasking). “Good Morning Jacksonville” lifestyle and entertainment contributor, “First Coasting Living” co-host and “The Artist Formerly Known As Jaxson de Ville,” Curtis Dvorak stops by The E. to chat about his net worth, being kidnapped, […]

“Another Round” Ep. 6 Featuring Julie Watkins

In the silliest episode of “Another Round” yet, Julie Watkins, executive director of The Girls Gone Green and “retired” meteorologist (aka “weather girl”), pops in to E. Street to chat about fish bladders, do the worst Jerry Seinfeld impression ever and defend Nickelback.

“Another Round” Ep. 5 Featuring Matt Pittman

Matt Pittman, writer, host and producer of  “Matt About Jax” web series on, hangs out at The E. to discuss stalking Carrie Underwood, manscaping and ghosts playing drums. “Another Round With The Specktator & Chill Will” is recorded every Tuesday at European Street Cafe in Riverside (times vary) and posted Thursday mornings on […]

“Another Round” Ep. 4 featuring Nikki Kimbleton

Beloved and beautiful anchor and consumer reporter at WJXT Channel 4 (aka THE Local Station) Nikki Kimbleton drops by European Street Cafe for a refreshing grapefruit beer and to dish about her co-workers, a personal encounter with John Oates (aka not Daryl Hall) and her popularity in Dubai. P.S. If you are going to the Duran Duran […]

“Another Round” Ep. 3 featuring Courtney Lewis

Jacksonville Symphony Music Director (don’t call him “Maestro”) Courtney Lewis drops by European Street Cafe in Riverside to discuss volumizing shampoo, his first job and what exactly he’s doing up there on stage flapping his arms and waving a baton around (Kerry’s words, not his). Click on the photo to enjoy the show.   “Another Round With […]

“Another Round” Ep. 2 featuring Lewis Turner

Television triple threat (anchor/reporter/meteorologist) Lewis Turner of First Coast News and one of the 2015 Sexiest Men in Jacksonville drops by European Street Cafe in Riverside for “Another Round” to discuss Glamour Shots, bromances and Big Bird. But before clicking on the link to the podcast, I implore you to keep this window open and click […]

“Another Round” Ep. 1 featuring Melissa Ross

Award-winning host/producer of WJCT’s First Coast Connect Melissa Ross stops by European Street for a glass of wine and a chat about getting hung up on by a congresswoman during her radio show, going to college with David Schwimmer and a very revealing round of Truth or Dare. Plus, Will does a terrible impression of Dracula, and Kerry … […]