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“Another Round With The Specktator & Chill Will”

another round logo“Another Round” is a weekly podcast co-hosted by writer/blogger/social(media)ite Kerry Speckman (aka The Specktator) and DJ/producer Will Barker (aka Chill Will).

Based in Jacksonville, Fla., “Another Round” features unconventional interviews with local celebs—and anyone else to happens to wander by their table. The podcasts are recorded at European Street Cafe in Riverside, meaning the co-hosts will—and guests, if they so choose—enjoy some adult beverages while recording.

This could either be the best idea in the world … or the worst.

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“Another Round” Ep. 27: Noreen Young

Renowned beauty expert Noreen Young takes times between speaking engagements in New York and Las Vegas and TV appearances on “The Chat” on First Coast News to share her wisdom on all things beauty and more double entendres than you can shake a (lip)stick at (ex. “What goes under your arms and between your legs […]

“Another Round” Ep. 26: J. Dash

WARNING: Adult Language (mostly mine) Future Grammy winner J. Dash strides into E. Street to chat about having a platinum single (“WOP”), being followed on Twitter by Miley Cyrus and alternatives for using the “N-word” in his songs.` FUN FACT: The first song he ever played on the piano (when was 5)was “Beethoven’s 5th.” COME […]

“Another Round” Ep. 25: Nancy Hogshead-Makar

Four-time Olympic medalist in swimming (including three gold medals), civil rights activist and CEO of Champion Women Nancy Hogshead-Makar takes a dip into the treacherous waters of “Another Round.” She answers important questions about what it’s like to take seven sandwiches to school for lunch every day, back shaving parties and how to tactfully redirect a certain […]

“Another Round” Ep. 24: Jimmy Smith

Jacksonville Jaguars legend Jimmy Smith (aka J Smooth) stops by the E. to talk football (duh), his childhood obsession with eating butter (ew) and “The Bachelorette” (OK, that was just me). Follow Jimmy on social media. Facebook: JimmySmith Twitter: JimmySmithJags

“Another Round” Ep. 23: Damon Jones

Former Jacksonville Jaguars TE Damon Jones joined Kerry and Will for a discussion of all things football and very important topics such as his favorite condiment, celebrity crush and how he got his nickname “Big Sofa”(if you want to know, you’ll have to listen). Follow Damon on social media. Instagram: bigsofa88 Facebook: DamonJones88 Snapchat: bigsofa882 Twitter: BIGSOFA […]

“Another Round” Ep. 22: Dalton Cyr

Critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter, award-winning actor and future EGOT conqueror dropped by European Street Cafe in Riverside to chat about his music, TV and film career; why he doesn’t play Pokémon Go; and all things DUUUUUUUVAAAAAAL. P.S. He’s 15! (Unless you read this on or after July 21 when he will be 16! Still amazing!) FUN FACT: […]

“Another Round” Ep. 18: “We Love The ’80s”

WE. LOVE. THE ’80s. So we’ve dedicated an entire episode to ’80s music. We countdown our top 10 picks—and the 10 favorite bands of our Facebook followers. You should be warned: We sing. A lot. And not well. Never miss an episode of “Another Round With The Specktator & Chill Will.” : Subscribe on iTunes […]