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Tapped Out Tuesdays

As if I needed another reason to love Sun-Ray Cinema, Tim and Shana have introduced TAPPED OUT TUESDAYS where all regular screenings, all day, every Tuesday are only $5 (technically, $5.35 with tax). That’s a savings of up to 55 percent off regular-price, evening screenings (at least that’s what Siri told me … I suck at math). With […]

‘Six Minutes’ With Benjamin Purdy

You know his face (especially when it’s attached to a saxophone), but I’ll bet you don’t know his name or his story. This, my friends, is Benjamin Purdy, and here is his story. Before they ever set foot on a stage, some of the biggest names in entertainment spent their early years performing on the […]

Dirty Trivia | Thursday, June 14 | 1904 Music Hall

Penis. Clitoris. Ejaculation. Fisting. Queef. If you are wincing just from reading these words, please do NOT come to 1904 Music Hall on Thursday, June 14 because PB&J Jacksonville is holding its first-ever Dirty Trivia where these words—and many more colorful ones—will be the subject of the night. It’s definitely not your typical fundraiser, says […]

POLL RESULTS: What’s on your phone’s home screen?

The Specktator Institute for Unscientific Research conducted a poll via Facebook with more than 100 respondents sharing photos of what appears on their phone’s home/lock screen. My assistant Siri and I crunched the numbers and found out some surprising and not so surprising results. Not surprising is the percentage of people with photos of their […]

FLASHBACK: Getting to know Jordyn Jackson

These days, singer/songwriter Jordyn Jackson is one-half of the duo Flagship Romance. (Her husband Shawn Fisher being the other.) But when I first chatted with Jordyn in 2011, it was about her burgeoning solo career. Matter of fact, I don’t think she even knew Shawn (formerly of Son of a Badman) at the time. Fast […]

Game show ‘cases’ Jax for contestants

For the first time in its six-season history, Deal or No Deal, the blockbuster game show hosted by Howie Mandel and set to air on CNBC, will hold an open call for contestants in Jacksonville. The event will take place Wednesday, May 16,  2-7 p.m., at River City Brewing Company. And the show’s producers are […]

Beyonce … Coachella … Jacksonville? What’s the connection.

Queen Bey made history this weekend when she became the first black woman to headline Coachella. More than that (I mean, how many times more times can she make history), she was lauded for her performance, which a New York Times reviewer called “… rich with history, potently political and visually grand. By turns uproarious, rowdy, […]

Jumbo Shrimp Homestand Highlights: April 11-15

Baseball’s never been tartar! (“Tartar,” as in “tartar sauce,” as in stuff you dip shrimp in … hey, I’m writing this at 6:12 in the morning, so cut me some slack). The Jacksonville Shrimp home opener is Wednesday, April 11 and is followed by four games against the Mobile BayBears. But I don’t know the […]

Music Monday: American Glutton

Every Monday, Richie Evans introduces you to a local band/musician. You may already be a fan—in which case, great—maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t know about them. If you’ve never even  heard of them, even better. #listenlocal For all intents and purposes, American Glutton is a metal band. But guitarist Tommy Harrison describes their sound […]

Batter up: The Jumbo Shrimp are back!

By Richie Evans Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are in for an exciting new season, as team owner Ken Bobby told attendees at a recent press conference. There will be plenty of theme nights, including Sunday Family FUNdays, Taco Tuesdays, Thirsty Thursdays and Red Shirt Fridays, as well as military appreciation games, Bark in the Park Days […]