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Laugh while you can: 5 Best Dorian Memes

In the seemingly endless wait for Hurricane Dorian to reach Florida, I, like many of you, have seen far too many hurricane memes to count.

Because I know you have more important things to do (unlike me, apparently), I analyzed said memes and picked my five faves. The only qualifications for being included on this list is they had to be SPECIFIC to Hurricane Dorian and had to make me chuckle.

6. Pass me the Cheetos

Believe it or not, I haven’t touched my hurricane food provisions yet. I’ve got too many Stouffer’s French Bread Pizzas to eat before the power goes out.

5. Category Fivehead

For you non-sports fans, this is Peyton Manning. He used to play football. He has a giant head.

4. Is he? or isn’t he?

It’s funny. Because it’s true.

3. Now it’s time to get funky

I hate the song “Cha Cha Slide,” but this is perfection: “Everybody crap yo pants…” 😂😂😂😂

2. Like a good neighbor

Annoying commercial. Excellent meme fodder.

1. Son of a B*ITCH!

If you don’t get it, ask your friend J-Qwellin or Dee-Nice. Otherwise you’re just being just insubordinate and churlish …

⭐️ Honorable mention

Jacksonville’s own Lane Pittman IS Florida Man. Too bad he doesn’t make a dime off of the endless supply of memes of him.

He is, however, using his social media fame to raise money for hurricane victims. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Agree? Disagree? I’d tell you to drop your favorite Hurricane Dorian memes below, but I’ve disabled comments. Blame it on, and

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