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Tapped Out Tuesdays

As if I needed another reason to love Sun-Ray Cinema, Tim and Shana have introduced TAPPED OUT TUESDAYS where all regular screenings, all day, every Tuesday are only $5 (technically, $5.35 with tax). That’s a savings of up to 55 percent off regular-price, evening screenings (at least that’s what Siri told me … I suck at math).

With that kind of left-over dough, you can get a medium popcorn (don’t forget the free fixin’s bar), candy, soft drink, Royal Tenenbar or Twankie. Or choose from more 10 beers (bottles/cans).

Or leave a tip for the nice folks who make Sun-Ray such a Jacksonville treasure.

The fine print: Please note regular screenings include both brand new releases as well films that have been playing in theatres for a while, but do not include special events or films that are playing for limited runs, i.e. one or two screenings.  The majority of Sun-Ray’s programming screens for a week or more, so you should have plenty to see!

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