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Dirty Trivia | Thursday, June 14 | 1904 Music Hall

Penis. Clitoris. Ejaculation. Fisting. Queef.

If you are wincing just from reading these words, please do NOT come to 1904 Music Hall on Thursday, June 14 because PB&J Jacksonville is holding its first-ever Dirty Trivia where these words—and many more colorful ones—will be the subject of the night.

It’s definitely not your typical fundraiser, says Karina Del Cid, a PB&J board member who is helping plan the event, but PB&J isn’t your typical non-profit. Party, Benefit & Jam (PB&J) is a Jacksonville-based charity series raising money and awareness for local nonprofits wth different events throughout the year.

“We don’t play by the rules and enjoy making our events interesting! This is why  Dirty Trivia will be like no other,” Del Cid says. The idea of hosting Dirty Trivia came after a successful Dirty Spelling Bee several years ago. Basically, she says, “we like to have fun and do good at the same time!”

Unlike traditional team trivia, Dirty Trivia, hosted by yours truly will be done spelling bee style, where contestants will step up to the mic and be asked a question. If they get it right, they advance to the next round. If they get it wrong, they will be told to sit the fuck down. OR they can buy back in for $5 (up to three times).

Prizes include a $200 Target gift card and gift cards from Volstead, Crispy’s Springfield Gallery and European Street Cafe, and, of course, there will be a booby prize for the first one out.

To get you in the mood for the event, I would like to share three of the more interesting facts I have learned while preparing the questions. BONUS: You might get asked one of these questions, so you’ll have a (cough-cough) head start.

  1. The world record for most queefs in 30 seconds is 93! (If you don’t know what “queef” means, I’d suggest clicking here before watching the video.)

2. Women experience their own version of blue balls. Some experts refer to it as “blue vulva.”

3. The most preferred sex position in the US is doggy style.

You do NOT have to participate in the competition and can simply be a voyeur. But contestant spots are limited, so get your tickets stat.

Tickets are $15 (includes one beer or wine) with proceeds benefiting Chemo Noir.

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