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FLASHBACK: Getting to know Jordyn Jackson

These days, singer/songwriter Jordyn Jackson is one-half of the duo Flagship Romance. (Her husband Shawn Fisher being the other.) But when I first chatted with Jordyn in 2011, it was about her burgeoning solo career. Matter of fact, I don’t think she even knew Shawn (formerly of Son of a Badman) at the time.

Fast forward to yesterday, when they said good-bye to Jacksonville with two shows at the Blue Jay Listening Room in Jax Beach (side note: what an amazing place to see a show!). I must admit, I got a little misty-eyed thinking about their moving to New Mexico (Truth or Consequences, to be exact), not knowing when I’d be able to see them perform live again. It also made me think of that 20-something girl I’d first met seven years ago.

So I did what any self-respecting stalker would do and hunted down the article I wrote about her. Many things have changed since our interview, but that bubbly, joyful soul is still making beautiful music and bringing happiness to audiences around the country.

Originally appeared in the April 2011 issue of Jacksonville Magazine

One of these days, an American Idol producer is going to get fired because of Jordyn Jackson. The “jazz-pop” singer-songwriter auditioned for the show eight years ago in Atlanta and was sent home golden ticketless. But since then, Jackson, 26, has released six CDs (the first four of which sold out) and performed everywhere from the Jacksonville Jazz Festival to the Italian Riviera. In 2010, she signed with a London-based record company and is preparing for her first European tour later this year. And if she ever does make it to the American Idol stage, no thanks to that producer, it will be as a mentor, not a contestant.

Here are some other personal details you won’t read in any liner notes:

1. Jackson describes her style as “a female Michael Bublé” but says her voice is most often compared to that of Amy Lee of Evanescence—with a hint of Whitney Houston.

2. Speaking of Evanescence, Ed Roland lead singer of Collective Soul had this to say after hearing “Time Alone,” Jackson’s new single: “If Evanescence wrote songs like this, they’d still be selling 12 million copies.”

3. Jackson comes from a family of “crazy foodies,” whose favorite sight-seeing is done inside restaurants, and she has personally eaten her way through New York City, Paris, Amsterdam and the Bahamas. Locally, her favorite restaurant is Ocean 60 in Neptune Beach, but she still misses Dolphin Depot.

4. If she weren’t in the music business, she’d be a chef or interior designer.

5. In eighth grade, she was “discovered” by a classmate’s father who overheard her singing on the playground. He was so impressed with her voice that he paid for studio time for her to record her first demo.

6. She refuses to allow her voice to be Auto-Tuned and describes the audio processing software as her nemesis.

7. The first time she ever performed solo in front of an audience was in a talent show on a cruise ship when she was 13. She sang “Part of Your World” from the Little Mermaid and won first place: a plastic trophy.

8. Though she would love to sell millions of albums, win a Grammy and perform at Wembley Stadium, she will be perfectly happy if she doesn’t, too. “My goal list looks ridiculous,” she says. “But all I really want is to be able to write and record music and support myself.”

UPDATE: Mission accomplished, Jordyn. xo

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