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Music Monday: American Glutton

Every Monday, Richie Evans introduces you to a local band/musician. You may already be a fan—in which case, great—maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t know about them. If you’ve never even  heard of them, even better. #listenlocal

Photo credit: Lunor Harrison

For all intents and purposes, American Glutton is a metal band. But guitarist Tommy Harrison describes their sound more accurately as a cross between Hank Williams Jr. and Black Sabbath.

The band, featuring Harrison on guitar, Raven Cain on vocals and Dani Harrison on bass, is based in Jacksonville and have been performing together for two years.

With the airwaves being filled with so much electronic music and soft rock these days, American Glutton is a welcome distraction. Speaking of distractions …

When they are not being rock stars, Tommy composes modern classical music and loves all things Disney World; Raven is an ordained Buddhist Priest and martial arts instructor; and Dani collects Star Wars figures (he has thousands of them).

The first song the current line-up ever played together was “Don’t Trust Anyone.”

The “most rock star” thing Raven ever did was jump off a stage onto a table in from of a group of known-KKK members, give them the middle finger and dare them to try and burn him on a cross.

In a related story, Raven is a sixth-degree black belt (training for number seven) and KaJuKiBo Ju-Jitsu self-defense system with his brother four-time World Kickboxing Champion Blackhawk Walters.

Tommy (aka Dr. Harrison) has a full-time gig at the University of Central Florida where he teaches music technology and music business. He wrote his doctoral thesis on Van Halen and has written six books related to music.

Considered the jokester of the band, Dani is “kinda obsessed” with Weird Al.

The band’s musical tastes range from the Beatles and Jane’s Addiction to AC/DC and Protest the Hero.

They released their debut EP Dish Served Cold in late 2017.

Check out American Glutton on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or Amazon (Richie’s recs: “My War” and “Empty Eyes.”

And visit their Facebook page.

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