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Concert Review: A Night With Zach Deputy and Come Back Alice 

By Richie Evans

If you ask me, there truly isn’t anything better to do on a Friday night than to sing and dance with friends and other music lovers to great live music. And the Jan. 12, 2018 Zach Deputy  show at 1904 Music Hall reminded me of just that.

I’ve already seen Zach in concert so I knew I was in for good music; however, I couldn’t have foreseen how amazing the total concert experience would be. Sometimes you go to a show where the music is great, but other circumstances—like bad sound or a boring crowd—take away some of the joy from the overall experience. This definitely wasn’t the case at 1904. From the minute we walked in, the staff made us feel welcome.

Photo by Richie Evans

To be honest, I wasn’t super excited about seeing Come Back Alice since I’d never heard of them before, but that changed instantly: They rocked! Their self-described “Southern gypsy funk” sound was super infectious and high energy. And it seemed like they had been playing together for decades instead of just five years. That chemistry was especially evident between husband and wife Dani, the violinist, and Tony, the lead singer, with their exceptional interplay and dancing. While everyone in the band improvised like a beast, the highlight had to be when headliner Zach Deputy came on stage and jammed with them on guitar during one of the songs.

Photo by Richie Evans

By the time Zach Deputy went on, 1904 was packed, but I didn’t mind. I was meeting loads of different people, and they were all cool as the breeze. Zach, who’s from Savannah, has got to be the greatest “one-man band” out there. (Or at least, he’s the greatest one playing “island-infused, drum ‘n’ bass, gospel-ninja-soul.” ) When Zach started playing the place erupted to the point where it felt like the ground started shaking. Zach kept the energy going for hours playing fan favorites such as “Twisty Twisty,” “Into the Morning” and my personal live favorite “Chicken Pot Pie.” It was nothing but positive vibes in the crowd, and Zach knew exactly when to drop the beat and get everybody to groove. A couple of times, I was even grabbed to dance. There may have been some adult drinks involved in this.

Bottom line,  I loved every second of the show from start to finish. And 1904 Music Hall was an excellent venue to see live music. Until next time, 1904!

Editor’s note: Richie will definitely be working on his selfie game for future events.

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