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Car-Free Week in Jacksonville Is May 15-19

Every May, Jacksonville’s Car-Free Week rolls around. And every year, I think of a hundred reasons why I can’t do it  … the most basic of which is I don’t own a bike. Also: I don’t want to crack my head open. I don’t like to sweat. I don’t want to break my arm. I’m allergic to pollen. I don’t want to get run over. I don’t know the rules of riding a bike (do you need a license?). And I don’t want to cover up my beautiful hair (shout out to Pat Cole at Total Hair Experience) with a helmet. #safetyfirst

Last year, I planned on borrowing a bike and giving the challenge a whirl until I realized there was no way I could lug a bike up the narrow stairs  to my second floor apartment.

But this year: no excuses. Literally.

The fine folks at ZenCog Bicycle Company have hooked me up with an awesome Brompton Bike that’s not only light-weight and agile but FOLDABLE. In less than 20 seconds, it can be folded down to the size of a large roll-on suitcase and weighs about 25 pounds (slightly more than my cat Puddy).

Considering I hadn’t ridden/driven a bike in at least 25 years, I figured I’d better take it out for a trial spin before officially starting the week. Since I didn’t hurt myself or anyone else, I’ll be picking up the bike tomorrow to begin my journey as a casual cyclist. If you see me and my adorable pink helmet riding a bike through Riverside, please do me a favor and don’t honk. You’ll only scare me. Instead, put your hands together and pray for me.

And check back here throughout the week to see how I’m faring.

For more information on Jacksonville’s Car-Free Week, visit their Facebook page.


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