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The Suns are now the Jumbo Shrimp: Feast on that!

It was not an April Fools Joke—four months late. Or a Saturday Night Live skit. Nor Ashton Kutcher did not jump out of a potted plant and yell, “Jacksonville, you got PUNKED!”

The Jacksonville Suns are now officially the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp.

If you want to see the new logos or new uniforms or hear the story behind the name, I’d recommend visiting one of the local TV outlets’ websites or read Or you could watch this video I took of the big (I mean, JUMBO) announcement.

Click the photo to watch:



including my exclusive “interview” with Southpaw. He didn’t say anything about it (obviously), but Southpaw might want to prepare for a name change to Southprawn (sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

Click the photo to watch:

While folks at this morning’s press conference seemed to be excited about the name change (or were at least acting like they were in hopes they’d get a free hat … we didn’t), an overwhelming number of Facebook and Twitters are not happy about it. One might even say they are boiling mad (again, I apologize).

Personally, I like the name change, though, I’m not crazy about the logo. But being that we live in a democracy (at least for now), I thought I’d share some of my favorite anti-shrimp comments on the subject:

  1. “Was the Jacksonville Bait Buckets already taken?” —Shane H.
  2. “The poor players. Talk about putting their tail between their legs.” —Donna G.
  3. “Coming up to the plate for the Jumbo Shrimps …” —Ron B.
  4. “Baseball’s never been more mercurial with the Jacksonville Shrimp.” @camdunkcity
  5. “I don’t find this appealing.” — Matt. M
  6. “Jumbo Shrimp can be intimidating. Especially if you are allergic to them.” —@WJXTvic
  7. “This scampi happening.” —@allisonbanko
  8. “You could say FL-GA is not the only cocktail party in town.” —@MadeByTim
  9. “I can hear the opposing team’s fans already: Your team STINKS!” —@thespecktator
  10. “The jumbo shrimp isn’t a team name, it’s a #3 at Captain D’s.” —unknown

Stay tuned for more coverage of this story as it unfolds.

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