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Hurricane Matthew: The Bad

And just as there were many reasons to celebrate our fellow residents, businesses and agencies for their kindness, generosity and selflessness, there are few knuckleheads (as there always are) who earn a big, fat FAIL.

The Bad

1. People who never lost electricity complaining about weather reports interrupting their favorite TV shows, their Xbox not working or having to reset their satellite TV multiple tines. Try peeing by candle light, folks. (In a related story, I could never be Amish.)

2. Folks whining about businesses being closed. So, so sorry you couldn’t get to Starbuck’s for your pumpkin spice latte.

3. Residents in evacuation zones who bitched about having to leave their homes. Did you see some of the houses at the beach or trees that fell on houses? It could have been your house or your kids, people.

3B. Residents who didn’t even CONSIDER evacuating next time a hurricane is headed our way—no matter how many Jim Cantore tells them it’s the storm of the century or Tom Wills of Channel 4 gets choked up on air. (Click photo below to watch.)


4. Pet owners who left their animals behind, especially those OUTSIDE, while they evacuated. I understand there are extenuating circumstances where folks couldn’t bring pets to shelters or hotels. But people who just didn’t feel like dealing with their cat or dog in a car don’t deserve to be pet owners … Call me stupid, but I would never evacuate without my kitties.

5. Opportunistic businesses that practiced price gouging. According to an Action News story, there were gas stations charging as much as 40 cents extra per gallon, at least one store selling six times the price for a 24-pack of water and a hotel that included a “hurricane-weather fee.”

6. Residents who lost their lives, homes, pets, property, etc. in the hurricane. My thoughts our with you during this horrible situation, and I sincerely hope your recovery is as fast and painless as possible.

Click here for the best things that happened as a result of Hurricane Matthew.

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