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Pokémon GO … away?

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 2.27.34 AMLike every other city on the planet, Jacksonville has been overrun with Pidgies, Psyducks, Tentacools and Jigglypuffs (not to be confused with Wigglytuffs) … which means our fair city has also been overrun with people hunting these creatures. Yes, Pokémon Go is in full effect, and I, for one, could not be more confused.

Was I the only person with a pulse not spending my days hoping to find some half-pineapple/half-testicle creature perched upon my can of Diet Coke? (Yes, I fell off the wagon.)

To answer this question, I did what any normal adult human would do … and posted on Facebook. Basically, I wanted to know who was playing or not. And I was somewhat surprised by the results.

Despite all of the hoo-ha, hoopla and hullabaloo, a large majority of respondents were not playing, according to a highly unscientific survey conducted by The Specktator.


As part of the survey, I asked my FB friends to submit screenshots of their “captures.” Here are a few of the submissions.

But here are my two favorites: So to you, Tito S. (left pic), I have four tickets for the Jacksonville Zoo. And for you, Ashley S.. (right pic), I’ve got two tickets to Night at the Zoo on July 22.

tito sosa

Tito S.

ashley strudel

Ashley S.








Have fun with your Pokémon gaming, folks, but please #pokemonresponsibly.

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