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“Another Round” Ep. 13 featuring Mark Kaye

Radio host and Snap Chat wizard stops by E. Street to discuss how he was almost the voice of the Aflac duck, a phone call from Kevin Jonas (the older, less attractive, married one of the brothers) and his obsession with becoming the next co-host of the show formerly known as “LIVE with Kelly & Michael” and “LIVE with Kelly & Regis” and “LIVE with Regis & Kathie Lee.”

And check out Mark on social media.
Facebook: MarkKayeShow
Snapchat: MarkKaye
Twitter: @MarkKayShow

FUN FACT: Mark is Canadian and knows nothing about hockey.

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  • River says:

    By saying this … By saying this handheld was so advance in it1&72#8;s time does not mean it was great. For all I know from the looks of it, this thing looks like a shittier, even bulkier, version of the Game Gear. Gameboy ruled all kinds of dominance, and it always will even though after 15 years later they finally stopped making Gameboy. GBA Micro I believe was the last GB. -6Was this answer helpful?