the Specktator

“Another Round” Ep. 8 Featuring Angela & John Phillips

Renowned attorney/civil rights activist/former radio show host/TEDx speaker/wanna-be stand-up comedian/Vans wearer John Phillips and his beautiful and charming wife Angela (who needs no introduction) stop by European Street Cafe in Riverside to play a round of the Not-So-Newlywed Game. Plus, we meet John’s alter-ego “Rick” (you have to say it three times).

Edited out of the podcast but still worth mentioning: John listens to Justin Bieber. And he sings on the toilet.

And check out John on social media…
Facebook: knowthelawyer
Twitter: johnphillips
Instagram: floridajustice
Phone: (904) 444-4444 or just keep hitting “4” until someone answers


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