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10 Sexiest Men in Jacksonville: 2016 edition

david-beckham-peoples-sexiest-man-aliveLast month, People named David Beckham the “Sexiest Man Alive.” Wouldn’t have been my first choice  (that honor is still reserved for Alex O’Loughlin, of course) but whatever.

In keeping with this long-standing tradition (FUN FACT: The first “Sexiest Man Alive” was Mel Gibson in 1985. He was 29 years old.), The Specktator launched a similar list for local guys cleverly titled the “Sexiest Man in Jacksonville” in 2014.

This year, however, the management decided against choosing one gentleman for this incredible honor. Instead, there are “10 Sexiest Men in Jacksonville.” But before we get to who they are, I would like to take a moment to explain the process.

First, I turned to social media to seek nominations. Then, using a proprietary software (which may or may not be a pen and paper) and the counsel of a hand-picked panel of local folks representing a range of ages, races, occupations and sexual preferences, I determined the honorees. For the record, I did not personally select these gentlemen or have a say-so in the results: I am merely the messenger.

That said, I would like to commend the nominators and panel for doing an excellent job … so without further ado, here are your 10 Sexiest Men in Jacksonville for 2016.


James Carlson▼

james carlson

Occupation: network administrator
What makes him sexy?
 “Besides the looks and the bod, he’s a super nice guy. He’s friendly to everyone and has an awesome sense of humor.” “I don’t mean this as a dis to Jacksonville, but he’s, like, almost too good looking to live here. He belongs in GQ.” (quotes from supporters)


Matt Colaciello Williams▼

matt colciello

Occupation(s): educator, artist, activist and development director of Improv to the Rescue
What makes him sexy? “Warmth of character. Kind hearted. He reads great books.” “Always has something nice to say.” “Speaks six languages.”

Matthew Hunt ▼


Occupation: attorney/partner at Law Offices of John M. Phillips
What makes him sexy? “Lawyers are often seen as a necessary evil, but Matt is one of the good guys. It’s rare that you hear a lawyer described as ‘compassionate,’ but he is … 1000%.” “Who doesn’t love a guy who can wear a suit then turn around throw on a t-shirt, ball cap and head to a football game? Personally, any guy who can wear a ball cap backwards and not look stupid is HOT! Matt sure can.”

Al Letson ▼

al letson
Occupation(s): poet/playwright/actor/radio host
What makes him sexy? “Never mind that he has some serious swagger going on and absolutely kills me with that smile, he’s a ridiculously humble, national award-winning renaissance man with a heartbreakingly perfect social conscience.” “He is incredibly talented yet so down-to-earth. Puts me over the edge.”

*Letson is only one of two gentleman to make the list for the second time.


Courtney Lewis ▼


Occupation: music director of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
What makes him sexy? “His great personality, intelligence, sense of humor, gorgeous and THAT ACCENT … all that spells s-e-x-y. There are others, but I’d get in trouble for naming them. LOL.” “His passion for what he does is so attractive.”

*Lewis was 2015’s “Sexiest Man in Jacksonville.” 


Ian Lynch ▼


Occupation: Executive chef at Forking Amazing Restaurants (Bistro Aix, Ovinté, Il Desco)
What makes him sexy? “He has the biggest heart. And seeing him as a dad is it for me.” “A chef who surfs and is hot. #thatisall”


Aristotle Montemayor ▼

Occupation(s): actor, writer, fight choreographer, fitness instructor
What makes him sexy? “He writes amazing poetry. However, his sexiest trait is how much he loves and takes care of his mother and sister! OMG!! He is truly awesome.”


Jay Phelan ▼


jay phelan

Occupation: Chef/owner of J. William Culinary
What makes him sexy? Besides his obvious good looks, it’s hard not to get WHISKED away (see what I did there?) by the passion he puts forward in everything that he does whether it’s in the kitchen or in trying to please others. He lives his life for those he loves before he does himself. He will only ever give his best and if that doesn’t work, he will try harder.”


Matt Pittman ▼

Occupation:  “Matt About Jax” for The Florida Times-Union 
What makes him sexy? “He’s the best man I know. He’s funny, he’s giving, he’s sexy (have ya witnessed him without a shirt?). He’s approachable, confident, and he’s got the best personality….he is Jacksonville.”


Christopher Ulmer ▼

Occupation: special ed teacher at Mainspring Academy
What makes him sexy? “Looks like Liam Hemsworth and is going viral for his work with special needs children.” “If this is a poll for looks, humanitarianism, he wins hands down.  “Amazing person on a mission.” (Or you could just watch these videos.)


Thoughts? Snubs? Comment below.

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