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FLASHBACK! The sexiest men in Jacksonville: Part 1

People Cover sexiest men
People named Chris Hemsworth the “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2015. Personally, I don’t even find the guy that attractive, let alone the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE (that honor is reserved for Alex O’Loughlin, of course). But it did get me thinking, if there were a similar title for local dudes, who would it be.

To make this determination, I turned to social media to seek nominations. Then, using a proprietary software (which may or may not be a pen and paper) and the counsel of a hand-picked panel of local folks who represent a range of ages, races, occupations and sexual preferences, I arrived at the “Sexiest Man in Jacksonville.” (The identities of said panelists are a highly guarded secret. I will never reveal their names or comments even under penalty of law.)

So without further ado, I present to you the Sexiest Man in Jacksonville…

Courtney Lewis

Photo by Renee Parenteau












Occupation: music director of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and assistant conductor of the New York Philharmonic
What makes him sexy?
 “Besides being good looking, obviously, he is intelligent and so passionate about music. The accent doesn’t hurt.” (quote from a supporter)

NOTE: From the start there was controversy over Lewis’ nomination, namely that he doesn’t even live in Jacksonville and only pops in a couple times a year to conduct the symphony and leave the streets of Downtown covered in charisma. While I don’t disagree with Lewis’ selection, I do have to agree with the fact that he isn’t a true Jacksonvillian.  So I, once again, crunched the numbers (whatever that means) and consulted my secret panel to come up with a truly sexy, true Jacksonvillian. As it turns out, there were so many, we couldn’t decide on just one.

That said, I present to you the 15 other Sexiest Men in Jacksonville (in alpha order). Eat your hearts out, straight ladies and gay guys and bisexual peeps.

Jim Alabiso

Jim Alabiso

photo by Kirk Chamberlain

Occupation: senior partner at LEAP Collaborative LLC , president and CEO of JumpingFish, host of Tonight! With Jim Alabiso also an open water marathon swimmer
What makes him sexy: “He’s fit, fearless and not afraid to wear a Speedo.”


Jonas Blixt▼

jonas blixt

Occupation: professional golfer on PGA Tour
What makes him sexy: “There’s just something about him. Plus, he’s Swedish so he has an adorable accent.” “Bonus: he lives in Jacksonville Beach and has been known to frequent Taco Lu.”

Mark Brunell▼

mark brunell

Photo by Agnes Lopez

Occupation: head football coach at Episcopal School of Jacksonville, ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback
What makes him sexy: “The older he gets, the hotter he gets.” “The fact that he didn’t let that whole bankruptcy business thing get him down shows he’s got his head on straight.”


Johnathan Cyprien▼


Occupation: safety for the Jacksonville Jaguars
What makes him sexy: “Two words: gun show.” “He has a big heart. Does a lot of charity work and started the CypSquad At-Risk Youth Foundation.”


Chris Dickerson

chris dickerson

photo by Laura Evans

Occupation: chef/owner at Corner Taco
What makes him sexy: “He’s got that rugged but boy-next-door thing happening … And he can cook!”


Anthony Duran▼

anthony duran

Occupation: owner/founder of 904Fitness and personal trainer
What makes him sexy? Watch this video. ‘Nuff said.


Sebastian Evers▼

sebastian evers

Occupation: goalie for the Jacksonville Armada
What makes him sexy? “A professional soccer player with ‘bedroom eyes'”


Terrance Freeman▼

terrance freeman

Occupation: manager of political affairs at JAX Chamber
What makes him sexy? “Of course, there are his looks, but he’s a family man. He coaches little league and brags about his wife and kids.”

But wait! There’s more! Part 2 of the Sexiest Men in Jacksonville…

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  • Freedom and Equality says:

    Nice seeing gay men on the list: Jacksonville is long overdue in recognizing the contributions of its large LGBT community (a Human Rights Ordinance would be a start). Having the top spot is even better. Congrats Courtney! Hot stuff!

  • Philip Pan says:

    In defense of Courtney Lewis, he WILL become a true, resident Jacksonvillian. The symphonic biz runs on a very pre-planned schedule, so even though Maestro Lewis is already the Jax Symphony’s new Music Director, he must complete his current responsibilities before moving to and settling in Jax. Glad to see him top your list!

  • KerryLoCo says:

    Good choices. Glad to see Lew Turner on the list. I would have nominated Jacob Long if I had known. 😉

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